ZENNER - Smart Diaphragm Gas Meter (Modbus version)

The smart gas meter is a diaphragm meter designed for measuring natural gas, GPL and manufactured gas. Using ultra low power microprocessor, combined with Modbus/RS485 communication, automatic measurement and control, wired remote meter can easily and effectively solve the problems of gas management and charges. The product complies with OIML R31/OIMLR137/EN1359 standards.

ZENNER - Smart Diaphragm Gas Meter (M-Bus version)

Installation instructions
Before installing the gas meter, the iron slag, dust, debris and water in the pipe should be excluded first.
The gas meter shall not be installed in the bedroom, bathroom and flammable area, and be away from open flame at least 1.5 meters. Prevent the rain, moisture and avoid direct sunlight for a long time.

The gas meter should be installed upright and connected to the gas pipe correctly according to the direction of the arrow between the inlet and outlet joint. The force applied to gas inlet and outlet when installing the gas meter should not exceed 80N • m

To avoid gas leaking during the process of installation, a gas valve must be installed before the inlet joint. After the gas meter is installed, you should check the tightness of the joints in avoid of gas leaking. The air pressure in the gas meter must not exceed the maximum pressure specified. Open flame is prohibited during the whole process.

■  Compliant with EN1359, OIML standards.
■  Integrated design of gas meter and valve.
■  Long-term accuracy and reliability.

■  2-way communication, RS485 or Modbus.
■  Multiple fraud detection.

■  IP65, suitable for outdoor installation.
■  Data security and encryption.

Zenner Smart Diaphragm Meter Product Datasheet

Remote reading
Remote open/close valve
LCD display

Push button
Anti-magnetic Interference
Low-battery detection & record

Anti-upstream & record
Leak detection & record

Anti-tamper detection & record
History data record
Event log

Surface Cleaning: Solvents ,like strong caustic soda, gasoline, alcohol are prohibited, but a neutral detergent is permitted.
Under normal working environment, this series of gas meters do not require special maintenance and care. When faults occur, you should close the inlet valve and report to the management department immediately. It should be overhauled by professionals, the user shall not be disassembled.