ZENNER - Atmos ® Diaphragm gas meter with temperature compensation

Two-pipe Diaphragm gas meter G1.6-T | G2.5-T | G4-T

The gas meters G1.6-T | G2.5-T | G4-T are equipped with a temperature compensation mechanism. When the temperature of the gas flow changes, a synthetic bi-metal with different thermal expansion coefficients on the compensation mechanism will be triggered.

ZENNER - Atmos ® - Diaphragm gas meter with temperature compensation - Center Distance 110 / 130mmCenter Distance 110 / 130mm

■ G1.6-T : 0.016 m3/h to 2.5 m3/h
■ G2.5-T : 0.025 m3/h to 4 m3/h
■ G4-T : 0.04 m3/h to 6 m3/h

Housing material
■ Galvanized steel sheet

Performance characteristics
■ Temperature compensation for correcting meter readings
■ Integrated system to adjust the error curve
■ Galvanized steel powder-coated housing for maximum corrosion resistance

■ Operating pressure: 0.5 bar
■ Working temperature range: -25 °C to +55 °C
■ Long-term stability due to usage of high-quality diaphragms
■ Fire resistant (HTB) up to 0.1 bar according to EN1359
■ Anti-corrosion performance
■ Starting flow ≤ 1 dm3/h
■ Retrofittable with pulser

Product DATASHEET - ZENNER- Atmos ® Diaphragm gas meter with temperature compensation

Gas media
■ Natural gas
■ Town gas
■ Biogas
■ Liquid gas
■ Methane gas

The deformation is bended, so the length of the crank will be changed to adjust the movement of the diaphragm.

Thereby the cyclic volume is changed. Its special design will counteract the volume differences which caused by the thermal expansion and contraction of gas.

This kind of meter could improve environmental adaptability of diaphragm gas meter, and greatly improve the measurement accuracy.