Teco R4 Gas Valve & Emiflex Emiteg AR Gas Hose

The Teco R4 Gas Valve with thermal FIREBAG® safety comes with Emiflex Emiteg AR Gas Hose which were made by different manufacturers in Italy. 

Teco R4 Gas Valve & Emiflex Emiteg AR Gas Hose

Emiflex Emiteg AR Gas Hose:

Technical Specifications - Emiflex Emiteg AR Gas Hose

Fixed and built -in hobs - PROFESSIONAL KITCHENS - CATERING

Austenitic stainless steel AISI 316L
Quick Coupling:
polypropylene handle, insert in nichel plated brass, fitting AISI 303 per Annex A of the European Standard EN 14800:2007

Stainless steel AISI 304 wire Ø 025 mm, 4 wires per strand for a total of 96 wires
Nut: Stainless steel thread as per Annex A of the European Standard EN 14800:2007

Teco R4 Gas Valve:

R4 is the safety shut-off valve.
The bayonet connection allows the hose to be connected and disconnected safely.

It is not possible to disconnect the hose if the valve has not been closed first with the correct movement.

Since 1992, TECO manufactures valves with this safety technology [DIN3383].
Equipped with the FIREBAG® safety system.

Technical Specifications - Valve R4

Reference standards:
R4: DIN EN 15069: 2008 - DIN 3586 R4L: DIN 33834 DIN 3586

MOP 0.5 (0,5 bar)
-40 °C +60 °C

High temperature resistance:
HTB 650°C for 30’(GT 0.5 EN 1775); Pass the test with 925°C for 60'
For all types of gas as specified in EN 437 and DVGW G260/1 (Methane, Butane, Propane)


Body: Brass CW617
Finish: Polyshed Chrome

Balls: Brass CW617N
Seats: NBR 70
Thermal device: Firebag® (Find more information below)

How to connect Teco R4 Valve with Emiflex Emiteg AR Hose:

Step 1
Step 1: Hose Insertion
Hose insertion is QUICK and SAFE. The hose can only be disconnected when the valve is closed. 

Step 2
Step 2: Valve and Hose in Secured Position - Cannot be Disconnected
Turning the hose handle by 15° calmps it to the valve. In this position, the valve remains closed. 

Step 3
Step 3: Valve is Open Hose - Cannot be Disconnected
Turning the hose handle further opens the gas flow. The hose cannot be disconnected with the valve open.

Thermal Safety Appliance

FIREBAG® consists of an external body and an internal device thermosensitive. Upon reaching the outside temperature of 95°C - 100°C the metal alloy, that holds the shutter of the cartridge, melts and the compression force of the spring projects the shutter against the hole of passage of the gas by closing it completely. 

• Thermal resistance FIREBAG® HTB GT5 925°C x60’
• Operating temperature FIREBAG® 100°C - 5K

Thermal Safety Appliance