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type capacity kg/h power kW
FOE-25 25 4
FOE-50 50 8
FOE-100 100 16
FOE-100 100 8+8
FOE-150 150 8+16
FOE-200 200 16+16
FOE-250 250 24+16
FOE-300 300 24+24
FOE-350 350 24+16x2
FOE-400 400 24x2+16
FOE-450 450 24x3
FOE-500 500 16x2+24x2
FOE-550 550 16+24x3
FOE-600 600 24x4


• EEx-d level switch for max gas level
• EEx-d level switch for min water level
• EEx-d transducers for remote management of temperature and
pressure signals

• EEx-d solenoid valves on the inlet or outlet phase
• Closed expansion tank (no need to refill water)
• IP 55 remote control panel

• Wiring and cables with protective sheath
• Liquid condensation trap

Possibility of liquid LP-GAS entering the distribution system
This risk exist if vaporizer and regulator are not proper calculated; for this reason are necessary some control and safety equipments:
• level control, temperature control, solenoide valve 

Cost and energy savings
Partial use of natural vaporization
• Heat production added equal to gas capacity required
• Lower production cost of vaporizer due to shell and tube design

Standard technical features
• Easy to install
• Easy and low cost maintenance
• Reliability

• Minimal long term management cost
• No heating elements in direct contact with gas to avoid build-up,
over heating and deterioration of the heating elements
• No electronic dedicated heads, but standard electric components
easy to source in any market

• Single or double stainless steel heating elements
• Flanged steel ball valve on the inlet phase
• Built-in mechanical safety device on the liquid flow

• Water thermometer
• Gas relief valve and manometer
• Open expansion tank with level indicator

• Gas drain valve
• Complete with EEx-d box with thermostats, one for each heating
element, one for max and one for min temperature which in case of
emergency can replace one of the thermostats (only for mod. JB).

• Control panel to be installed in safety area is needed (only for mod. JB)
• No electrical cables for components are supplied (only for mod. JB)
• Built-in Stainles steel filter on inlet (only mod. QA)

• Built-in EEx-d control panel with pilot lights, on-off switch preset for
external signals (electrovalve, siren, etc. - only mod. QA)
• Built-in EEx-d control panel without pilot lights and on-off switch (1) -
(only mod. QA)
• Ready to use with all electrical components connected (only mod.
• Just plug it in! (only mod. QA)

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