Rotarex SRG - Type 489 - Vapour Service Valves

Inlet Connection  Outlet Connections  Width across flats
- ¾“-14 NPT  - 0.885-14-NGO-LH-INT(CGA 510)  - 36 mm

Type 489 - Vapour Service Valves

Materials and Standards:

- Valves are manufactured entirely from corrosion resistant materials including brass body and stainless steel springs.
- Rubber type materials have been developed specifically for use with LPG and are manufactured strictly in compliance with EN 549.

Product Description:

- The SRG valve type 489 is a multi function valve designed for use in LPG storage tanks up to 3 tonnes capacity, incorporating the following features:
    - an intrinsically safe overfill preventer with a DIN 49465 connection
    - a hand-wheel operated CGA 510 POL vapour service connection with double “O” ring seal
    - a ¾” NPT container connection
    - a G1/2” or M20 x 1,5 plugged pressure gauge connection
    - an auxiliary fixed liquid level gauge with tube to suit the vessel diameter

- The 489 prevents overfilling by automatically shutting down the delivery vehicle pump, taking responsibility away from the operator. The level sensor must only be connected to a control box (amplifier) in the road tanker according to VdTÜV-Merkblatt “Überfüllsicherung 100”.
- During filling, a thermister in the 489 senses the rising level of liquid in the vessel and at a predetermined point, signals the delivery vehicle to stop pumping.
- The cut off level is designed to suit the vessel and the operation is repeatable, removing the subjective errors and the discharge of volatile hydrocarbons associated with the use of fixed liquid level gauges.
- The SRG type 489 has a unique patented system which allows the level probe to be replaced in service without disruption to the customer.
- The valve is approved and CE marked and suitable for design pressure up to 25 bar and temperatures from –20°C to 65°C.

    - Pressure gauge range 0-25 bar
    - Adapter for G1/2” or M20 x 1,5 female pressure gauge
    - Probe lengths tailor-made to special requirements