Rotarex SRG - Type 486 - Safety Relief Valves

Inlet Connection  Outlet Connection  Width across flats
- 1” 11 ½ NPT  - M 48 x 1.5  - 50 mm

 Type 486 - Relief valve

Materials and Standards:

- Valve are manufactured entirely of corrosion-resistant materials including brass body and stainless steel springs.
- Rubber type materials have been developed specifically for use with LPG and are manufactured strictly in compliance with EN 549.

Product Description:

- LPG Internal pressure relief valve
- The SRG type 486 is a semi internal pressure relief valve designed for use in LPG storage tanks of up to 3 tonnes capacity.
- The valve has a 1” NPT container connection and comes complete with a plastic protection cap and has an M48 x 1,5 external thread for a pipe away adapter.
- The 486 is designed to protect the vessel in an overpressure situation. The valve will “pop” fully open shortly after the valve starts to discharge toensure the rapid reduction of internal pressure (flow capacity 64 m³/min at 15,6 bar set pressure). Valves are fitted with a resilient seat disc as the main closure and will close again automatically when normal vessel pressure is restored.
- Suitable for design pressure up to 25bar and temperatures from –20°C to 65°C.

- For the German market the 486 can be set between 15,6 and 16,4 bar but for other markets the range of setting can be from 12 to 19,4 bar according to customer requirements.
- The 486 can be supplied with a recessed poppet to facilitate testing whilst in service, typically used in the German and Austrian market.
- A pipe away adapter suitable for use with copper pipe is available to discharge the gas away from the vessel and can be supplied either straight or angled.
- Individual inspection and certification by TÜV is available on special request.