Rotarex SRG - Type 484 - Liquid Take off Valve

Inlet Connection  Outlet Connection  Width across flats 
 ¾” NPT   ¾” NPT   32 mm 

Product Description:

- The SRG type 484 liquid service valve is designed for use in LPG storage containers up to 3 tonnes capacity. 
- The valve incorporates a manual shut off valve with a double “O”-ring on the closure spindle for maximum reliability. 
- Seals can be replaced in service without the escape of gas. 
- A brass sealing plug is fitted to the outlet connection. 
- Suitable for design pressure up to 25 bar and temperatures from –20°C to 65°C.  
- Optional: 
·  Valves can be supplied with a 3/4"-28UN-2A female thread in the inlet connection and an eduction tube for liquid withdrawal. The tube length being in accordance with customer specification. 
·  Valves can be supplied with an Excess Flow valve in the inlet connection to limit the escape of gas in the event of failure of the off-take pipe or hose.

Materials and Standards:

- The brass sealing plug can be drilled to facilitate the fitting of tamper evident wire and lead seal.
- Valves are manufactured entirely from corrosion-resistant materials including brass body and stainless steel springs. Optional eduction tubes are of steel construction. Rubber type materials have been developed specifically for use with LPG and are manufactured strictly in compliance with EN 549.