Rotarex SRG - Type 483-4 - Vapour Service Valves

Inlet Connection Outlet Connection  Width across flats
 ¾“ NPT   0.885-14-NGO-LH-INT (CGA 510)   30 mm

Product Description:

- The SRG type 483 vapour service valve is designed for use in LPG storage containers up to 3 tonnes capacity.
- The valve incorporates a manual shut off valve with a double “O”-ring on the closure spindle for maximum reliability.
- A fixed liquid level gauge operates through the manual shut off hand wheel the tube of which is sized to suit the vessel dimensions and the desired liquid level.
- There is a CGA 510 POL connection and a G1/4” plugged connection for a pressure gauge.
- Suitable for design pressure up to 25 bar and temperatures from –20°C to 65°C.

  · Excess flow valve to control the maximum flow of gas through the valve.
  · Adapter for G1/2” male pressure gauges. The adapter is fitted with a manual closure to facilitate replacement of pressure gauges without the escape of gas.

Materials and Standards:

- Valves are manufactured entirely from corrosion-resistant materials including brass body and stainless steel springs.
- Rubber type materials have been developed specifically for use with LPG and are manufactured strictly in compliance with EN 549.