Rotarex SRG - Type 483-2 - Multivalves

Gas Type Inlet connection  Outlet connection  Filling connection Width across flats  Body material
LPG, Propane, Butane, Propane/Butane mixtures  

- ¾“ NGT

- 1” NGT

 - 0.885-14-NGO-LH-INT(CGA 510) 

- 1 3/4” ACME

1-3/4" - 6 ACME  
 - 36 mm 

Product Description:

- The SRG type 483 valve for vapour withdrawal is designed for use in LPG ASME containers with surface areas of up to 50ft² (4,6m²) and DOT containers up to 420 lbs (190kg) propane capacity. The valve incorporates a vapour service connection, a back check filler valve, a fixed liquid level gauge and a pressure relief valve. 
- The vapour service valve has a female CGA 510 POL connection and a manual shut off valve with a double “O” ring on the closure spindle for maximum reliability.
- The filler valve has a 1 ¾ ACME right hand thread with a protection cap and is equipped with a resilient seat disc as the main closure supported by a metal to metal back check valve for added security. 
- The fixed liquid level gauge is knurled for ease of operation. The tube length is sized to suit the vessel dimensions and the desired liquid level and is flared at the end to minimize spitting during operation.
- The pressure relief valve can be set at 250 PSIG (17,2bar) for ASME containers and 375 PSIG (26bar) for DOT containers. 
- Suitable for design pressure up to 25 bar and temperatures from –20°C to 65°C. 
- Optional:

The valve can be supplied with a removable gland on the vapour service connection so that the seal can be replaced whilst the valve is in service. 

Materials and Standards: 

- Valves are manufactured entirely from corrosion-resistant materials including brass body and stainless steel springs. Rubber type materials have been developed specifically for use with LPG and are manu factured strictly in compliance with EN 549.