Plum - MacREJ 5 R - Data Logger 

Digital Data Logger with Integrated 2G/3G/LTE Modem Designed for Natural Gas Station Parameters Recording. Plum - DataLogger - MacREJ 5 R

MacREJ 5 R data logger designed for natural gas station and its elements parameters registration, such as: input gas pressure recording, reduced gas pressure recording, gas volume recording, gas temperature recording, reducers and the safety units supervision.

MacREJ 5 R is designed to work in the hazardous explosive zone 0. Working on batteries registered data sending is available according to the programmed schedule or emergency situation appearance. External power supply connection enables the on-line data access.


-Integrated 2G/3G/LTE modem allowing data transmission to the data acquisition systems using TCP-IP connections
-Temperature resistant graphical 4” display with backlight
-Work in Ex zones 0, 1, 2

-Up to 15 years work on battery
-External interface free configuration using NFC standard
-Up to 7 independent measurement channels – two integrated pressure sensors, one temperature measurement channel, four digital external pressure or temperature transducers

-NAMUR type sensors working on battery
-Universal GSM antenna connection solution
-Low frequency reed switch inputs

Basic Features 

-IP 66 (for outdoor installation)
-6 pushbuttons (version 1) or 18 pushbuttons (version 2)
-LCD - graphic 4” with backlight

-Ex classification: II 1 G Ex ia IIB T4 Ga, Certfikat FTZU 17 ATEX 0047X
-Internal EVC supply: D-size lithium battery 3,6V/17Ah (up to 3 batteries in version without modem), operating time: One battery: 5 years
-Internal GSM supply: Two D-size lithium batteries 3,6V/17Ah, operating time:5 years (three communications per day)

-External supply: Intrinsically safe power supply and transmission interface INT-S3 (RS485, Supply output 5.7V, 2 digital inputs/outputs, Supply input 11÷30V DC)
-Transmission protocols: MODBUS RTU, MODBUS TCP (in version with internal modem), MODBUS RTU (MASTER MODE), GAZMODEM, GAZMODEM (MASTER MODE). Other protocols can be used on request


-6 Ex programmable digital inputs 
 • 2 LF reed switch inputs 
 • gas station supervisors informed by the GSM network according to configured alarms
-2 Ex NAMUR type inputs in accordance with EN60947 5-6. Working on battery
-P1, P2 pressure sensors: 6200kPa G, 5500kPa G, 3400kPa G, 600kPa G, 30kPa, 17kPa G ended with M12x1.5 metric screw – readings accuracy – 0,4% of range
-Pt1000 A-class temperature sensor, compensated cable length, 5,7mm diameter
-Up to 4 digital pressure or temperature transducers


-4 Ex digital outputs: 
 • 1x configurable – binary or frequency (0-5000Hz) 
 • 3x configurable binary

Relative humidity: Max 95% at temp. 70°C
Ambient temperature range: -25°C up to 70°C
Dimensions/ weight: 206x194x76mm/ 1,3 kg

Product DATASHEET - MacREJ 5 R