Plum - MacR6-Z0-P - Gas Pressure Logger 

Battery Gas Pressure Monitor with Integrated LTE Cat M1/ Cat NB2/ EGPRS Modem Registering Up to 2 Pressures Simultaneously

Plum - Battery Gas Pressure - MacR6-Z0-PMacR6-Z0-P is a telemetry gas pressure monitoring device. Main purpose of the device is to transmit the data about gas pressure peaks and drops to the SCADA system or to eWebtel. 

Device is equipped with integral modem working in 5G, 4G and 2G technologies - NB-IoT and LTE Cat.M1. Internal battery ensures multiannual operation. 

MacR6-Z0-P is assembled in variant for explosive hazardous zone 0.


-New technologies connectivity in NB-IoT and Cat.M1
-D-size lithium battery as a power source. More than 10 years of work on single battery
-Local LCD display for connection quality status and battery level diagnostics

-Optical interface according to IEC 62056 for configuration
-Effective data transmission in difficult environmental conditions

-Dedicated mobile app for instant configuration
-Easily accessible data in SCADA systems

Technical Specification

-IP66 in accordance with requirements of EN 60529 (for outdoor installation)
-Ex classification: II 1 G Ex ia IIA T4 Ga, FTZU16 ATEX 0051X
-Display: Graphic LCD with diagnostics icons for battery level, signal strength and current pressure value

-Power supply: Replaceable lithium 17Ah battery, operation time: up to 15 years - report once a day, up to 12 years - report twice a day
-Transmission protocols: Support of TCP, UDP, FTP, NTP, HTTPS transmission protocols
-Environment conditions class (Mechanical / Electromagnetic): M2/E2

-Accelerometer sensor
-Cover opening sensor
-Gauge pressure ranges: 0÷0.1 bar/ 0÷0.3 bar/ 0÷6 bar/0÷16 bar/0÷35 bar
-Pressure sensor p2 (optional)
-External pressure sensors are ended with metric screw M12 x 1.5 (Ermeto) thread or NPT 1/4’’ (Optional)

Housing material: Polycarbonate enclosure
Relative humidity: Max 95% at temp. 55°C
Ambient temperature range: -30÷55°C 
Dimensions/ Weight: 124mmx85mmx40mm/ 0,7kg 

Product DATASHEET - MacR6-Z0-P