Plum - MacMAT IV / IVE - DC Powered Gas Flowcomputer

Plum_Flow_Computer_MacMAT_IV_IVEMacMAT IV / IVE is a flowcomputer dedicated for precise measuring systems for large volume flows of natural gas. Device is equipped with explosion proof, intrinsically-safe measuring and binary inputs which allows to connect to devices mounted in Ex zone.

Measuring circuits provide long-term high stability and they combine functionality of digital communication interfaces to cooperate with external transducers. MacMAT IV / IVE is designed for direct cooperation with gas meters: ultrasonic, mass, turbine, rotary, and external chromatographs and calorimeters.

Built-in 100 Mbps Ethernet interface and serial RS485/ RS422 port opearting on baud rates up to 115200 bps allows an easy integration with IT systems.


-Industrial housing cooperates with various types of gas meter like turbine, rotary, ultrasonic, mass, directly by LF and HF inputs
-64-bit processor with pipeline processing allows on-line operation in 250ms cycle with real calculation of all of computation algorithms
-Pulse and analog intrinsically-safe inputs which can be connected directy to devices mounted in Ex zones
-3 Ex NAMUR type pulse inputs with wire continuity detection

-4 Ex galvanically insulated analog inputs with integrated HART modems
-2 none Ex binary inputs and 2 binary outputs with odorizer control
-6 none Ex independent communication ports (1x Ethernet, 3xRS485, 1xRS422/485, 1x Optical Interface IEC 62056-21)
-Support for extension modules EM-1, EM-2, EM-2Ex


Transmission ports
- 100Mbps Ethernet port, RJ45
- 3x separated RS485 channels, baud rate up to 115200 bps 
- 1x RS422/485 channel , baud rate up to 115200 kbps
- Optical interface IEC 62056-21, baud rate up to 115200 bps
- Host USB 2.0 (for firmware update)

Transmission protocols
GAZMODEM (MASTER MODE). Other protocols can be used on request

- 3x Ex digital pulse inputs, NAMUR type: 
 • 1x LF 
 • 2x HF
- with wire continuity detection support
- 4x Ex 4÷20mA analog inputs with integrated HART modems
- 2x none Ex digital binary inputs
- Support for extension module EM-2Ex 
 • 8x Ex digital inputs, NAMUR type
- Support for extension module EM-2 
 • 8x none Ex digital inputs, NAMUR type

- 2x digital binary outputs with odorizer control support
- Support for extension module EM-1 
 • 2x none Ex 4÷20mA analog outputs 
 • 4x none Ex potential free digital outputs

Ex classification
-Ex II (1) G (Ex ia Ga) IIC
-Certificate FTZU 13 ATEX 0010

Dimensions: version IV- 366x208x95mm, version IV- 482x43x270mm
Weight: version IV- 2,25 kg, version IVE- 2,5 kg
Housing material: version IV- ABS, version IVE- Aluminum
Relative humidity: max 95% in temp. 40°C (without condensation)
Housing protection class: IP 65 (for indoor installation)