Pietro Fiorentini - VS/AM 58 - Pressure Relief Valve

Self actuated safety valve

This valve is to be used in all applications where rapid opening and the reliable repositioning after closure are essential.

The VS/AM 58 is designed for easy maintenance of its parts.
The VS/AM 58 is available in a wide range of adjustment through hight precision set of spring.

VS/AM 58 - Pressure Relief Valve

Operating Features:

Maximum inlet pressure: 100 bar

Opening start pressure:

Minimum environmental temperature: Up to -20°C

Maximum environmental temperature: Up to + 60°C

Inlet gas temperature: Up to -20°C + 60°C


Main Features:

Compact design

Easy maintenance

Fast response time

High precision

Low operation costs

Design Features:

Threaded connections: 1” RP ISO, 1” NPT

Flanged connections: Class 150, 300, 600 according to EN1759-1


Body: EN AW 6012-T651

Plug: X8CrNiS18-9 EN10088-3 (Aisi303)
+ Nitril Rubber or Viton

Valve seat: X8CrNiS18-9 EN10088-3 (Aisi303)