Pietro Fiorentini - RSE 1,2-2,4 - Smart Diaphragm Gas Meter

- Residential gas meters of the RSE series are part of the new generation of smart devices developed and manufactured by Pietro Fiorentini to match new
regulations, in particular the Italian Energy and Gas
Authority (AAEG) resolution ARG/Gas 613/13.

- They are the outcome of the integration between the traditional Pietro Fiorentini gas meter and the new generation of the smart electronic modules.

- The mechanical measuring group, already deployed and tested over millions of residential customers, it is well known for its proven accuracy and high reliability over time. Its performance is kept independently from the type of gas, distribution pressure and presence of any impurity.

- RSE meters are certified to withstand with high temperature conditions (EN1359, p.6.5.5) also taking advantage of a patented wiring electric system that ensures no leakage points of the meter metallic case. The transmission of the consumption from the measuring unit to the electronic board is based on
an advanced interface that has been designed to also ensure maximum security against tampering

Technical Features:

Accuracy class (MID) : 1** - 1,5

Capacity : From 0,04 up to 6 m3/h (RSE / 1,2 LA)
                  From 0,06 up 10 m3/h (RSE /2,4 LA)

Measuring gas : Natural Gas, LPG

Body : Zinc-coated pressed steel plate

Valve : Integrated full bore ball-valve

Maximum pressure : 0,5 bar

Working temperature : -25°C ÷ +55°C

Temperature at base conditions : 15°C

Load loss at maximum flow : < 2 mbar

Connections : 1”1/4 ISO 228 - 2” ISO 228 mono pipe

Protection grade IP : IP55

Atex : Zone 2 II 3G Ex ic IIB T3 G

Painting : Polyester powder paint cooked in oven at 200 °C

RSE 1,2 - 2,4_smart meter

Battery life (at reference conditions) :

Metrologic battery: >15 years (non-replaceable)
Radio transmission battery: >15 years (replaceable on request)
GPRS transmission battery: >8 years (replaceable)

Metrological Unit:

- The Metrological Unit has a dedicated nonreplaceable battery that ensures a 15-year life.
- Thanks to its design, the Metrological unit is protected from tampering and fraud attempts.