Pietro Fiorentini - Norval - Gas Pressure Regulator

Downstream pressure regulator, self actuated, spring loaded for medium and low pressure applications.

It is suitable for gaseous, non-corrosive, previously filtered fluids.

It is characterized by a quick response to varying operating conditions, which make it particularly suitable for use when serving ON-OFF burners and in any industrial process characterized by a quick change of the flow rate.

Its features of good accuracy of regulation, even in presence of significant variations of the upstream pressure and/or flow rate, make the Norval regulator also particularly suitable in distribution networks for civil use.

The NORVAL regulator, in its basic version, is classified according to the European standard EN 334, as a regulator which reacts in opening (Fail to Open).

It is Truly a TOP ENTRY design, which confers to the regulator management advantages, for example the ability to performs full maintenance without uninstalling it from the connection pipe.

NORVAL - Gas Pressure Regulator

Operating Features:

Maximum inlet pressure up to: 19,6 bar for regulators from DN 25 (1”) to DN 80 (3”) 8 bar for regulators from DN 100 (4”) to DN 200 (8”)

Range of downstream pressure: from 8 to 4.400 mbar for regulators from DN 25 (1”) to DN 100 (4”) from 12 to 1.800 mbar for regulators DN 150 (6”) and DN 200 (8”)

Minimum ambient temperature: Execution up to -40°C (to specify in the request).

Maximum ambient temperature: +60°C

Inlet gas temperature: up to -20°C + 60°C

Accuracy class AC: up to 5

Look-up pressure class SG: up to 10

Design Features:

Nominal dimensions DN: 25 (1”); 40 (1”1/2); 50 (2”); 65 (2”1/2); 80 (3”); 100 (4”); 150 (6”); 200 (8”).

Flanged connections: UNI PN 16; class 150 RF


Body: Cast steel ASTM A 216 WCB (all DN).
Spheroidal ductile iron GS 400 – 18 ISO 1083 DN 150 (6”) included.

Covers: Diameter from 375 to 630 Drop-forged carbon steel / from 658 to 817 Alluminium

Diaphragm: Rubberized canvas (performed by hot-pressing process).

Seat: Stainless steel

Sealing ring: Nitril rubber

Connection fittings: In zinc-plated carbon steel according