Pietro Fiorentini - MM G10-G16 - Diaphragm Gas Meter

The gas meters mod. MM are a new meters family, designed in conformity to the highest accuracy and reliability standards. The metering module determines the highest meter accuracy and it is submitted to several and strict quality control procedures during the whole production process. The external case is manufactured in zinc-coated steel plate. These gas meters can be used in canalized networks for natural and manufactured gas, LPG or other non-corrosive and preliminarily treated stable gases.

Technical Features:

- Body : pressed zinc-coated steel plate
- Synthetic diaphragm
- LF pulse emitter ready:
    - Single reed only counter
    - Double reed counter/anti tamper
- Pulse emitter ready double reed counter / anti tamper with switch certificated ATEX
- Poliester powder paint cooked in oven
- High temperature resistant EN1359:1998 / A1:2006 – 6.5.5
- Tm: -25°C….+55°C
- Class of precision = 1,5
- Certificate for approval 2014/34/UE
- In conformity with EN1359:1998/A1:2006
- In conformity with OIML recomandation