Pietro Fiorentini - HP100 - Gas Pressure Regulator

Single stage high pressure regulator with balanced valve

The HP100 and HP100/B series of self actuated spring loaded, diaphragm controlled balanced plug regulators are suitable for medium and high pressures. They are widely used in the distribution of Natural Gas, LPG and other non corrosive gases where good performance of regulation and fast response to flow rate variations are required.

They are widely used as 1st stage reduction for domestic, commercial and industrial LPG applications.

Main Features:

> Inlet pressure range bpu: 1÷20 bar - bpu: 14.5÷290 Psi
> Max allowable pressure: 20 bar - PS: 290 Psi
> Outlet pressure range Wd:
AP: 300÷800 mbar - 120,5:321,5” wc
TR: 800÷4500 mbar - 321.5÷1808.4” wc

> Over pressure shut - off setting range:
Wd OPSO 450÷7000 mbar - Wd OPSO 120.5÷2813” wc
Wd UPSO 100÷3000 mbar - Wd UPSO 40.1÷1205.5” wc
> Accuracy class: AC 5/10/15%
> Lock up pressure class: SG 30% Max
> Temperature class: 2 (-20°C +60°C) - (-68°F +140°F)

Body - GD-AlSi12 EN AB 46100
Cover - GD-AlSi12 EN AB 46100
External treatments
Sandblasting+phosphating+dust polyurethane coating

1,7 ÷ 2 Kg without slam shut
2,5 ÷ 3 Kg with slam shut

Safety Devices and Accessories:

> Regulator inlet filter.
> Over pressure shut-off device (/B version).
> Under pressure shut-off device (/B version).
> Safety shut-off device for lack of feeding (/B version).
> Relief valve.
> Integrated by-pass.
> The safety shutoff devices can only be reset manually.
> Azote flow rate: multiply the value in the table
Stmc/h G.N. x 0.789


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