Pietro Fiorentini - HM10-16-25 - Smart Diaphragm Gas Meter

HM-M has the following main features:

- Single block in plastic compact, lightweight material
- IP65 protection
- Temperature probe and pressure sensor
- Local optical communication port complying with (physical profile) CEI EN 62056-21 (ZVEI);
- Auxiliary optical output configurable for pulse retransmission or serial communication
- LCD display
- Front key (user interface);
- Communication device that can be remotely installed (HMCom)

HM-10 - smart meter

Classification and Area Of Application

- HyMeter is a hybrid technology commercial meter. It combines new generation electronical features with a diaphragm metering gear.
- HyMeter mechanical register is now replaced by an electronic totalizer equipped with a data transmission device and a remote firmware upgrade function.
- HyMeter HM10-16-25 combines temperature and pressure sensors, that realizes the compensation of the measured gas volume.

IHM series devices are designed and manufactured for maximum modularity.

- Metrological module with dedicated battery power (>15 years battery life in STD conditions))
- GSM / GPRS communication module with dedicated battery power (5 years battery life in STD conditions)
- LCD display user interface and “User Friendly” icons with single button browser
- External pressure and temperature sensor modules to allow maintenance, calibration, replacement and any other check with no interruption of gas delivery to the end user
- Electronic module replaceable without data loss