Pietro Fiorentini - HFA Series - Cartridge Gas Filters

In the gas pressure reduction and metering plants, it is good practice to protect the pressure regulators, thevalves, the positive displacement meters etc. from the solid particles present in the gas, if any. The filters are used to this purpose.

They are manufactured in different types and sizes inorder to meet all the plants needs. They are equipped with nipples for the assembly of the several accessories usefulfor a good operation. The filters construction is stout and they may be easily installed and maintained. The filtering element is able to filter the solid particles with filtrations up to 5 μ.

HFA Series - Cartridge Gas Filter

Main Features

- Max design pressure: up to 102 bar
- Max working temperature: up to 100 °C
- Service: natural gas, town gas, non corrosive gases.

- Quick opening closure
- Colletting capacity: over 12% of total filter capacity with drain on botton part
- Flanging: ANSI 150/300/600 RF o RJ
- Connections: in-line


Standards Materials:
- Pipe: ASTM A 106 Gr. B
- Flanged: ASTM A 105
Other materials available on request.

Filtering Element

- Material: Felt polyester drilled and reinforcing steel plate.
- Filtering capacity: 3 - 5 - 50 μm
- Efficiency: 98%
- Type: G1 - G1,5 - G2 - G2,5 - G3 - G4 - G5 - G6

Available Accessory

- Single or double drain ball valve
- Clogging indicator
- Loss of pressure indicator with remote switch (reed contact)
- 3 valves 5 ways carbon or stainless steel manifold for loss of pressure indicator by-pass
- Pressure gauge
- Differential pressure switch
- Level gauge switch

Product DATASHEET - HFA Series