Pietro Fiorentini - Goval - Gas Pressure Regulator

Self-Operated Pressure Governor Equipped with a Balanced Shutter and Double Safety Diaphragm

The governors are the ideal solution for burners feeding and for the canalized distribution of low pressure gas, both domestic and industrial for every type of
installation, both indoors and outdoors.

The balanced shutter provides high accuracy in the regulation of the outlet pressure, even in case of high and sudden variations in the inlet pressure. When
installed in a closed environment, the presence of the safety diaphragm allows to eliminate the overflow conveyance outside.

GOVAL - Pressure Regulator

Technical Features

- Design pressure: 2,5 bar (36Psi)
- Max inlet pressure: 1bar (15Psi)
- Outlet pressure range for high capacity models:
10÷300 mbar (4" wc : 4 Psi)

- Outlet pressure range for low capacity models 31051-52-53:
10÷150 mbar (4" wc : 2,17 Psi)
- Ambient temperature range: -25°C + 60°C
- Accuracy class AC: up to 10 (EN88-2)

- Lockup pressure class SG: +10 mbar/up to +30% of the Pd (EN88-2)
- Available sizes: from ½" up to DN100
- Filtration degree: 50 μm

Product Datasheet GOVAL