Pietro Fiorentini - FloWEB - Flow Computer

FloWEB - Flow ComputerFloWEB flow computer acquires primary data directly from flowmeters, temperature sensors, pressure and differential pressure transmitters, density and gas analyzers to monitor and control the local process plant associated with the flow measurement system.

Compact, highly reliable and easy to set up and use, the FloWEB has been specifically designed to cope with the demanding needs of the gas and oil industry.

Simple to use
The simple to use menu-driven keyboard provides complete access to all variables and simplify configuration.

High flexibility flow computer
The FloWEB integrates at the same time a turbine, an orifice and an ultrasonic flow computer.

Product DATASHEET - FloWEB Flow Computer

Integrated WEB server
The web user interface is embedded directly in the FloWEB and allows the user to “browse”, via the Internet/Intranet, to retrieve real-time metering data and status report, to check alarms, to perform diagnostics and routine maintenance instantly and an easy software upgrade operation.

High capacity Memory Card for reports and logs data storage
The standard, high capacity, removable memory card provides a “virtual printer” feature and complete access to the metering station history.

The FloWEB flow computer offers the user unprecedented communications flexibility. The FloWEB flow computer interfaces to any other vendors RTU’s, PLC’s, DCS’s and ‘smart’ instruments.

Smart transmitters
Intelligent instruments from many vendors are easily integrated using the Smart integrated port. Hart protocol is currently available together with several fieldbus versions.

Multi-stream capability
The FloWEB flow computer can perform multi-stream metering applications with different flow meter types.

General standards supported
AGA 3, 5, 7, 8 and NX19
ISO 5167, 6976 and 12213-3
API 1101, 2530,2534,2540