Pietro Fiorentini - DIVAL 600 - Gas Pressure Regulator

Direct acting pressure regulators for low and medium pressure applications controlled by a diaphragm and counter spring. 

These regulators are suitable for use with previously filtered, non corrosive gases. 

This is a device which stops immediately gas flow whenever downstream pressure exeeds given set-point. Device can be actuated also manually.

Incorporated LA Slam shut (see figure 2) can be incorporated  in the standard regulator and in the in-line monitor.  The installation of integral Slam Shut valve does not produce any reduction on regulator KG or Cg values.   A further advantage of the incorporated slam-shut valve is that it can be retro fitted at any time on a previously installed Dival 600 series without modifying the regulating unit (only with 4 ways body).

Further the slam-shut can be positioned in four different positions (rotation on its axis) in such way to be fixed in the most apropriated position versus the surrounding encumbrance if any.

DIVAL 600 - Pressure Regulator

The main features of this slam-shut device are:

- design pressure 20 bar for all the components; 
- accuracy (AG): ap to 5 for pressure increase, up to 15 for pressure decreasing; 
- internal by-pass;
- intervention for over pressure and/or under pressure; 
- manual push-button control; 

- possibility of pneumatic or electromagnetic remote control; - compact overall dimensions; 
- easy maintenance; 
- possibility of application of devices for remote signal (contact or inductive microswitches).

Product Datasheet DIVAL 600