Pietro Fiorentini - DIVAL 500 - Gas Pressure Regulator

Downstream direct-acting pressure regulator with balanced plug, for low, medium and high pressures.

Suitable for previously filtered, gaseous, non-corrosive liquids; thanks to the concept of a balanced plug, you can achieve a high flow rate coefficient, highly accurate (even at maximum flow rates), a lock up zone and relatively low lock up pressure, no internal leakage at zero flow rate and reduced response times.

The constancy of the regulated pressure and its accuracy, even with significant changes in the upstream pressure and/or flow rate, make the DIVAL 500 regulator especially suitable for power distribution networks in civil and industrial plants.

It is built with a TOP ENTRY which gives the regulator important control advantages among which, for example, the ability to carry out full maintenance on it without removing it from the connection pipework.

The basic version of the DIVAL 500 regulator is classified, according to European Standard EN 334, as a Fail to Open regulator.

DIVAL 500 - Gas Pressure Regulator

Operating Features

Maximum inlet pressure: 10 bar for BP version
20 bar for MP and TR versions

Downstream pressure regulation range: from 15 to 2.500 mbar

AC accuracy class: up to 5

SG lock up over pressure: up to 10

Minimum environmental temperature: Operation up to -40°C (to be specified in the request).

Maximum environmental temperature: +60°C

Inlet gas temperature: Up to -20°C +60°C (to be specified in the request).

Construction Features:

DN calibres available: 25 (1”); 40 (1”1/2)

Connections: See connections available on configurator


Body: Cast Iron GJS 400–18 UNI EN 1563
Aluminium EN AC 43300 UNI EN 1706
ASTM A 216 WCB (All DNs).

Covers: Aluminium EN AC 43500 UNI EN 1706

Diaphragm: Fabric Finish Rubber (pre-formed using hot moulding process)

Seat: Brass / Stainless steel

O-rings: Nitrile rubber