Oxford Flow - United Kingdom


Oxford Flow designs and manufactures innovative pressure control equipment using technology developed at Oxford University.

Elegantly engineered to be smaller and lighter than competing technology, Oxford Flow's Pressure Reducing Valves (PRVs) and Gas Pressure Regulators can significantly reduce costs for energy, water and process industries.

Designed in Oxford and built in the UK.

Simple, compact and precise. Oxford Flow’s revolutionary designs minimise installation and running costs, offering an extended lifetime of dependable service for critical industries across the globe.

Efficiency: 90% lighter and 50% smaller than traditional control valves.

Reliability: piston design with blockage resistant flow path.

Performance: high turndown ratio with minimal droop.

Developed at the world-renowned Osney Thermo-Fluids Laboratory, and manufactured to ISO quality standards, our patented range of flow control products deliver improved accuracy and performance for even the most demanding applications.

We help global businesses to boost performance and retain their margins in highly competitive markets. Transferring knowledge, technology and innovation across multiple sectors and applications, all to the same exacting standards, is how we achieve our incredible results.

Working closely with customers in the oil and gas, water and process industries, we create game-changing flow control solutions for every application. The applications vary, but the goals remain the same: profit-boosting efficiency, reliability and performance.



Minimise leakage with powerful and precise pressure control. We offer a new weapon for networks managers to tackle leakage and win.


Regulated and reliable control for gas distribution and transmission. High integrity designs allow high pressure applications to be satisfied with minimal equipment footprint.


Corrosion and cavitation resistance makes our pressure and flow control products dependable even in the most demanding marine environments.


Productivity and versatility in extreme locations. We offer the expertise and solutions to tackle the harshest of environments.


Continuous and uninterrupted flow for process industries. For steam, corrosive media or gas handling for manufacturing applications.


High demand, high-pressure performance. Suitable for fuel gas, steam and water handling our power equipment is ideal for power applications.


Minimal labour, reduced space, maximum reliability. Oxford Flow's pressure and flow control equipment is Ideal for building service applications.


Complex and diverse applications solved with a unifying elegance and simplicity