Oxford Flow - IPS Series - Intelligent PRV

Fully autonomous pressure reducing valve (PRV)


The Oxford Flow IPS Series Intelligent PRV is a key component of a smart network, proving innovative, next generation technology to enable customers to move from reactive operation and management, to one of informed, proactive, predictive and prescriptive automated operation & management.

Our intelligent solution includes an actuated pilot, high quality pressure transducers and the latest proven sensor technology for water quality monitoring, flow measurement and position sensing.

This technology enables operators to apply the appropriate type of control from simple time profiles to autonomous intelligently optimised control.

Oxford Flow - IPS Series Intelligent PRV


Use with confidence on potable water, waste water and process fluids. Compatible with PN10, PN16 and ANSI150 flanges.

Max. Inlet pressure 16 bar
Outlet pressure range 1 to 15 bar
Lock-up class SG5
Min. Head-loss 0.2 bar1
Leakage class EN 12266-1 Class D


IPS Series Intelligent PRV’s are available in sizes
ranging from DN150 - DN3002 shown as follows:

IPS Series
Intelligent PRV
Kv Values Cv Values
DN150 (6”) 266 308
DN200 (8”) 512 591
DN250 (10”) 728 842
DN300 (12”) 967 1118


• Fully autonomous, intelligent pressure & flow control
• Real-time data provision, visualisation and remotecontrol capability
• Latest proven sensor technology including live water quality monitoring, valve position and flow

• Designed for deployment at strategic nodes within water distribution networks
• Seamless integration with SCADA systems
• Lightweight integrated solution

• Corrosion-free and cavitation resistant polymer
• Robust and reliable
• Intelligent system also compatible with Oxford Flow IPX Series PRV

Product DATASHEET - IPS Intelligent


Components Materials
Body Acetal resin (WRAS) alternative materials and approvals on request
Actuator Acetal resin (WRAS)
Seat material Acetal resin (WRAS)
Trim and fittings Stainless steel 316
‘O’ ring seals WRAS approved EPDM
Pilot materials Acetal resin (WRAS) and stainless steel 316

Oxford Flow - IPS Series Intelligent PRV - Simple Installation