Oxford Flow - IM-C Series - Gas Regulators

High performance gas pressure regulator

Cartridge insert design for DN50-DN150 (2"-6") pipework


The IM-C Series pilot-controlled regulator range offers high levels of performance for Natural Gas and other process gasses.

The innovative cartridge insert design utilizes the patented Oxford Flow piston sensed control system to deliver world class pressure management in an easily accessible body for in-line servicing.

The IM-C series inserts into a range of E-type valve bodies providing a number of flange and fitting options to suit your needs.

Oxford Flow - IM-C Series - Gas Regulator


High flow IM-C Series Regulators are available in sizes from DN50-DN1503 (2"-6"), as follows;

IM-E Series Cv Values Cg Values
DN50 (2”) 49.5 1985
DN100 (4”) 164 5920
DN150 (6”) 465 17000

A modular design allows construction in a wide range of materials, get in touch to find out how we can optimise materials for your applications

Components Components
Body Stainless steel 316
Actuator Stainless steel 316
Seat material NBR
Trim and fittings Stainless steel 316
‘O’ Ring seals NBR
Actuator seal PU6
Pilot Aluminium 6082-T6 & stainless steel 316

• A single moving part for minimal maintenance
• Extremely accurate pressure and flow control
• No stem to minimize failure points

• Piston sensed - no diaphragm
• Robust and reliable
• Top entry design for easy in-line service

Product DATASHEET - IM-C Series


Use with confidence for Natural Gas and all process gasses.

Max. Inlet Pressure Up to 100 bar
Max. Outlet Pressure Up to 99 bar
Leakage ANSI FCI 70-2: CLASS VI
Lock-up Class SG 5
Accuracy Class AC 11