Oxford Flow - IHF Series - High Pressure Gas Regulator

High pressure gas pressure regulators

Insert-type construction for DN100-DN300 (4"-12") pipework


IHF series pilot-operated pressure reducing regulators offer superior accuracy and stability for high pressure gas applications.

The Oxford Flow patented pressure balanced design eliminates droop, making it perfect for systems with large supply-pressure variation. The unique control arrangement — requiring zero flow during steady operation — makes the IHF inherently stable and reliable.

Our modular design allows for customisation of opening and closing speeds for delicate downstream systems, while the feed hole design has lower noise emission than comparable full bore alternatives.

Our extremely compact device makes light work of installation and servicing. The IHF series fits between PN or ANSI flanges to reduce the installation footprint, removing the need for expensive lifting equipment.

Oxford Flow - IHF Series - Gas Regulators


The IHF series regulators are available in sizes from
DN100-DN300 (4"-12"), as follows;

IHF series Cv KG
DN100 (4”) 63 1,701
DN150 (6”) 142 3,834
DN200 (8”) 252 6,804
DN300 (12”) 567 15,309


Components Materials
Body Stainless steel 304/316
Actuator Stainless steel 316
Seat material PTFE
Fittings Stainless steel 316
O ring seals NBR, PTFE, PU
Pilot 316 SS, PCTFE, S17400 SS, Alloy X-750, PTFE,
FKM, Zinc-plated steel



• Superior control accuracy and stability
• Perfect for large supply pressure variation
• Minimised maintenance

• Dramatically reduced weight
• Readily customisable

Product DATASHEET - IHF Series


Suitable for use with all non-corrosive gases.

Max. inlet pressure Up to 100 bar
Max. outlet pressure Up to 99.5 bar
Leakage Bubble tight
Lock-up class SG 5
Accuracy class AC 0.5

Oxford Flow - IHF Series - Gas Regulators - Simple Installation