Domestic Gas Detector with Seismic Sensor


GDT5 Sismagas - Domestic Gas Detector with Seismic SensorThe RV131.06 SISMAGAS®, thanks to its seismic detection feature is a leading edge technological device. A microprocessor was used to create a complete surveillance and control system with maximum flexibility.

Together with its catalytic sensor technology, it detects the presence of explosive gas, such as: Methane and LPG, with trip threshold calibrated at 10% of Lower Explosion Limit. Using the builtin relay it can activate: solenoid valves, sirens, and any other alarm signal device.

The micro switches make it possible to select the relay impulse functioning, to connect manual reset solenoid valves, or the continuous functioning, and to activate N.C. class “A” solenoid valves and sirens.

The triaxial acceleration sensor inside the device can detect seismic events respecting the ASCE 25-16 norm and consequently interactions of the gas solenoid valve interrupting the flow, further preserving the building.

It has the possibility, for all those that in case of rescue would pertain to operate in complete safety.

Technical features

- Gas detected: Methane or Lpg

- Relay contacts rating: 10A 250V resistive

- Sensor technology: catalytic

- Seismic sensor technology: 3 axes MEMS accelerometer

- Alarm threshold level (explosive gas): 10% L.E.L.

- Alarm threshold level (seismic): ASCE 25-16

- Alarm signals: Optical (LED) and acoustic (Buzzer)

- Working temperature: from 10° C to +40°C

- Measures: 170x108x39mm

- IP protection: IP42

Code Power Supply Gas detected
RV131.06M / GDT500111C 230V AC 50/60Hz Methane
RV131.06G / GDT510111C LPG

GDT5 Sismagas is conformed to UNI EN 50194-1