NRG - GDT7 - Industrial Gas Detector

Industrial gas detector analog for LPG or natural gas

This IP65 gas detector has been designed and made in compliance with European standards to detect explosive gases. A built-in microprocessor provides complete detection and control functionality and makes this device particularly suitable for domestic use.

The device’s builtin relay can be used to operate solenoid valves, sirens and other warning and alarm devices. Clever technical solutions make this detector extremely versatile, reliable, precise and safe to use. Because the relay is voltage free, more than one detector can be installed on a single solenoid valve to monitor a number of environments. A special electronic circuit monitors the efficiency of the sensors and signals any error condition.


Product DATASHEET - GDT7 Industrial Gas Detector


Technical features

Power supply: 230vac 50/60Hz

Detectable gases: Methane, LPG

Sensor: Catalytic

Marking and References to Standards for Degree of Protection: UNI EN 50194-1

Application category: Industrial Safety

Range of relay contacts: 6A 250V resistive

Tester connection: not available

Operating temperature: from -10 ° C to + 50 ° C

Explosive Gas alarm threshold: 10% L.E.L.

Alarm signaling: Optical (LED) and acoustic (Buzzer)

Measurements: 110x75x60mm

IP protection IP65

GDT7 - Industrial Gas Regulator