Katsura - VKLC-2 - Pressure Regulator

Katsura - VKLC-2 - Pressure Regulator

- Model No: VKLC-2
- Inlet Pressure: 0.07-0.7MPa
- Outlet Pressure: 2.8±0.47kPa(28±4.7mbar)

- Lock-Up Pressure: 4.1kPa(41mbar) under
- Capacity: 2kg/h

Product DATASHEET - Katsura - VKLC-2 - Pressure Regulator

- Katsura regulator has high-performance and high reliability.
- Approved by SNI standards(SNI 7369:2012) based on Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS).
(QMS: Product design, incoming inspection, assembly process, pre-shipment inspection, etc.)
Example: Use made in Japan diaphragm (all rubber goods).

- All assembly facilities and inspection facilities are made in Japan.
- Katsura regulator is high efficiency. Though the amount of gas is getting less, outlet pressure is stable. (Use up the gas)
- Katsura regulator is the safe and the secure products. Safety device (excess flow preventer) is attached at the outlet side.

- By fitting the cylinder and the regulator strongly from two directions by the lever operation can be prevented the leakage. (Patented in Japan. The patent pending in the ASEAN region.)
- Warranty period is two years.
- Granted the PL insurance of the MSIG of Japan