Katsura - VKL-2 - Pressure Regulator

The Regulator for LP GAS (regulator for short) is a valve allowing the adjustment from high pressure to low pressure in order to match with LP GAS combustion devices

- Model No: VKL-2
- Inlet Pressure: 0.07-0.7MPa
- Outlet Pressure: 2.8±0.5kPa

- Lock up pressure: 4.1kPa of less
- Flow Capacity: 2kg/h

Main Features:
- Designed by "Katsura" Japan.
- All products are strictly checked before delivery.
- Rubber and other parts are manufactured by Japanese companies hence they are safe and have high durablity

- In spited of the small amount of gas, the valve always adjust to provide a stable outlet pressure, therefore a constant flame temperature.
- The output has a safety equipment. (Which will lock the gas on event of gas leak).

Mode of Installation:
- The installation must be done by a salesman; the salesman should read the instruction carefully before installation.
- It is prohibited to install the regulator near any source of ignition, flame or heat.

- Because the regulator can be easily harmed by chemicals (Ammonia, Sulfurous Acid), the installation should be far from these chemicals and others.
- Please clean dirt, oil inside the gas cylinder and the regulator to prevent gas leakage.