Ito Koki - LAX20B - Gas Pressure Regulator

As with the change over of gaseous phase LPG, this device automatically excecutes the change over from the service slide to the reserve side for two separate liquid phase LPG supply lines. Its use is required when using the vaporizer.


Connection : JIS 20K 20A×JIS 20K 20A Flange

Capacity : 300kg/h or less

Change-over presure : 0.05-0.15MPa 

Activating error of change over pressure : +-0.01MPa

Inlet/oulet Connection : 20A x 20A Flange

Spacing : 430x70mm

Weight : 18kg 

Material : Ductile Iron

Application : Bottle storage station

Fluid used : LPG (liquid phase)

Made in : Japan

LAX20B - Gas Pressure Regulator