Ito Koki - LAX-20C - Gas Pressure Regulator

LAX-20C series is automatic changeover regulator for LP Gas liquid phase. With a special cam adopted inside, the automatic liquid LPG changeover regulator, LAX-20C, provides an automatic valve changeover function through the combination of the fluid pressure and the spring load as the source of driving power. In addition, the product can positively actuate the valve even when the inlet pressure is very close between the left and right sides. ito_koki_LAX_20C_regulator

1. Breakthrough mechanism
- A special cam is adopted in the valve changeover section. In addition, valve changeover is automatically conducted
through the combined use of the fluid pressure and the load of spring at the same time.

2. Only small amount of gas remains in a used cylinder, improving the economy.
- The changeover pressure can be set to a very low level, which permits only a small amount of liquid to remain in used

3. Few action errors
- Since the valve is switched automatically, action errors to the set changeover pressure are very few, which ensures
positive valve changeover.

4. Light and small
- Compared with conventional products, the changeover regulator is manufactured extremely small and light, so the
user can mount the equipment very easily.

5. Status of valve action is quite obvious.
- A large semispherical signal is equipped, and operators can identify the condition of action at a glance from the sides
as well as from front.

6. Direction of supply is quite obvious.
- The supply side is conspicuously identifiable due to the large changeover handle.

7. Easy change of supply direction
- Just turn the changeover handle to the opposite side, and the supply direction will be switched.

8. Automatically notifies the information of cylinder replacement (only for LAX-20C-R).
- Performed cylinder replacement is automatically informed to the control center via the telephone circuit, which
eliminates the risk of gas shortage.