Gurbong Hanjin - PTC - Dry Vaporizer

Gurbong Hanjin - PTC Dry Vaporizer

This Vaporizer shall serve the liquid LPG only, and is not allowed to serve for other type of gas liquid.

Safety Precautions:
When it is required to open the cover of the Vaporizer for the purpose of repairing or checking, please turn off the power first, then wait for cooldown prior to opening the cover.

- Electric Vaporizer of Dry Type and Aluminum Body
- Compact, Light and Wall-hanging Type
- Ideal for Installation at a Narrow or Limited Space

- No Water, No Freezing
- No Electric Controls, Simple Operation
- Voltage Free, either 1φ 100V~240V or 3φ 200V~380V

- No Corrosion, Long life, 7~10 years Trouble Free
- PTC Heater, Self- Temperature Control
- Liquid Over Flow Prevention by Thermo Dynamic Bellows Valve

- Quick to Vaporizing Temperature
- Excellent Thermal Efficiency over 95%
- Explosion Proof KOSHA Ex d IIB T3

Product DATASHEET - Gurbong Hanjin - PTC Dry Vaporizer

Operating Conditions:
- Operating Temperatures: - 40℃ ~ 50℃
- Humidity: Below 85%
- Altitude: Below 4,000m

Operation Sequence:
1. Close all valves of the Vaporizer.
2. Turn the power switch “On”.
3. Wait until the Temperature Gauge reaches to 50℃. (Lead time about 7~10 minutes).

4. Open the Inlet Valve slowly and supply liquid LPG from the storage tank or cylinders to the Vaporizer.
5. Check the pressure on “pressure gauge”.
6. When the pressure and temperature become normal, and the thermodynamic valve will be opened.

7. When the pressure of the Vaporizer becomes even balanced with the pressure of the storage tank or cylinders, supply the vaporized LPG gas for use by opening the Outlet Valve of the Vaporizer gradually.
8. In case the gas consumption exceeds the capacity of the Vaporizer, the temperature of the vaporized LPG gas comes down. Then the Thermo-dynamic Bellows Valve senses such temperature changes and shuts off the liquid LPG supply.
9. When the Vaporizer temperature is back to normal, the system will be operated automatically