Gurbong Hanjin - LPG Vaporizer

The vaporizer is a heat exchanger specially designed in order for the liquified petroleum gas enters in a liquid form and comes out in a gaseous form, ready to be used in civil, industrial and commercial applications.

Gurbong Hanjin - LPG Vaporizer

Safety Relief Valve:

When the vaporizer is installed in an enclosed area or indoors, the gas release side of the safety relief valve MUST be extended to the outside of building or room through wall by using the same size of piping as the release side of the safety relief valve.

- Vaporizer Type : Electric Heated Water Bath Type LPG
- Design Temperature : -15℃ ∼ 100℃

- Design Pressure : 1.76 Mpa
- Pressure Test : 2.94 Mpa
- Leakage Test : 1.76 Mpa

Product DATASHEET - Gurbong Hanjin - LPG Vaporizer

Design Safety Device:
- LPG Liquid Carry-over Prevention Device
- Safety Relief Valve

- Power Shut-off Circuit at Low Water Level.
- Water Temperature Controller.

Power Supply:
- 220V Single Phase (50kg/hr Model only)
- 220V Three phase

- 380V Three phase
- 440V Three phase

Installation of Vaporizer:
The Vaporizer should be installed horizontally on leveled hard top (Concrete Foundation) with reference to the given dimensions of the Vaporizer, and then securely fixed to the foundation with anchor bolts.

The surroundings should be cleared with enough room for access, routine checking, maintenance and after-service. When the Vaporizer is installed indoors, enough natural ventilation should be considered for safety. If the Vaporizer is installed in an enclosed area, an exhaust fan should be installed for ventilation.

Upon completion of the installation with piping, the whole system including piping must be tested with compressed air up to 18kg/㎠, and no leakage be confirmed by bubble checking for every connection joint of welding or threading.

After the leak test, the whole piping should be flushed out by air so thoroughly as to remove any welding slag, dust, water or oils inside the piping system. A foreign material inside the piping may cause trouble to the Vaporizer in the course of operation or use.