Gurbong Hanjin - LAR - Autochange-over Device

Liquid flow auto-change by differential pressure type

Gurbong Hanjin - LAR - Autochange-over Device

Operation Guide:
- Connect Manifold hoses to LPG bottles at both sides of manifold. Open all of the valves.
- Adjust the change-over pressure as per the fore going procedure so as to meet the required gas consumption (set up at 0.1MPa).

- Check the color indicator showing "white" color, and then reset handle to the right hand. If OK, you may start to use LPG at the service side (Right side). Now the left side is on stand-by (refer to Fig.1 in Photogallery).

- When LPG at the service side are used up and a change-over has taken place the color indicator shows "red" color. Now the standy side (left) is open, and the service inlet (rigth) has been closed (refer to Fig.2 in Photogallery).

- Replace the empty bottle in the right side with full bottles.
- Turn the reset handle to the left hand by 180°C, then confirm whether the color indicator has turned to "white" color. Now the left side is in service, and the right on stand-by (refer to Fig.3 in Photogallery).

- When next change-over takes place, follow a similar procedure like 5. and 6. above.

Application Propane/ Butane
Capacity Max. 200 kg/hr (300 kg)
Change over Pressure 0.5 ~ 2Mpa
Hyd. Test Pressure 2.6Mpa
Leak Test Pressure 1.8Mpa
Connection In/Out Flange 2Mpa, 15A or 20A
Flange face to face W295 × H120
Weight 8.5kg
Body Material Ductile Iron


LAR - 300

LAR - 200
0.05 36 8 0.11 0.5
0.06 34 7.5 0.12 5.2
0.07 32 7 0.13 5
0.08 30 6.5 0.14 4.5
0.09 328 6.2 0.15 4
0.1 26 6 - -