Gastech - Gas Regulator (Direct Acting with Incorporated Slam Shut Valve) - R Series


R series of spring loaded, diaphragm controlled, balanced valve design regulators are suitable for low and medium outlet pressure. The ‘’R" series regulators are supplied with internal sensing lines and are pre-set for an optional connection to an external sensing line by the customer.

The R series of regulators can be fitted with safety slam shut valve for overpressure (OPSO) or combined under-and-over pressure (UPSO/OPSO) protection. It cuts off gas flow when the outlet pressure of the regulator increases or/and decreases. The slam shut valve trip pressure can easily be adjusted independently of the regulator set point. Built internal bypass, for balancing pressure before relatching the safety shut-off valve, is operated by pulling the valve stem.

Gastech - R Series - Gas Regulator


• High flow rate coefficient

• High accuracy, even at maximum flow rates
• Reduced response times

• No internal leakage at zero flow rate
• Periodical maintenance without disassembling the body from the pipework

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Gastech - R Series - Weight and Dimension - SSV

Gastech - R Series - Weight and Dimension