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FMG is an engineering/manufacturing company specializing in the development and production of energy and gas measurement systems. Located in the Netherlands, FMG produces a wide range of rotary and turbine gas meters, volume conversion devices, master meters and calibration benches.

Unique product features include self diagnosis and tamper prevention. All products and services are certified by the Dutch NMi and comply with the latest EU and/or OIML directives.

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Gas Meters

FMG offers a large variety of gas meters ranging from very small (100 dm3/h) up to very large (40.000 m3/h) flow rates and in pressures from atmospheric to 100 bar (1440 psi). All FMG meters comply with international safety and metrological standards. Meters designated for fiscal use are tested, certified and approved by the Netherlands Metrological Institute NMi.

FMG has added extra features to the meters in terms of increased accuracy, protection from manipulation, increased rangeability and superior performance in order to go beyond the minimum requirements of the existing standards.


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All FMG Gas Meters are NMIM certified by SIRIM and also certified by NMI International.

FMG Gas Meters are NMIM certified by SIRIM

NMI International