FMG - FMR Dual Series - Dual Rotary Meters

FMR Dual Series - Dual Rotary Meters

The FMG series of rotary gas meters are designed to meet the highest demands of reliable and accurate measurement of gas flow. The meters are MID approved and fully comply with EN12480 and OIML R137. The compact exchangeable aluminium cartridge allows local repair and on-site cleaning. The robust design of the casing and the cartridge make the meter less sensitive to installation stresses caused by the connecting piping. A significant amount of misalignment of the connecting piping/flanges can be tolerated by the meter without affecting the meter performance by jamming the impellers.

Product DATASHEET - FMR Series Rotary Gas Meters

FMR-Dual Series (pulsation free)

Turbine meters have a limited range and must preferably be calibrated close to the operating conditions (high pressure natural gas). This limitation and the higher costs due to the calibration, make the larger rotary meters more popular as replacement for the turbine meter.

To overcome the drawback of conventional rotary meters (pulsations and resonance), pulsation free rotary meters have been developed. These pulsation free rotary meters, using two phase shifted pairs of impellers, fully eliminate the pulsations by countering the characteristic sine wave and its resultant resonance. As a result the pulsation free rotary meters series DUAL are extremely quiet and accurate.

Another advantage is the use of relatively short impellers. Shorter impellers will not deform easily and as such provide reliable long term performance. The weak point of pulsation free meters can be the connection of the two impeller pairs as this mechanical coupling is very sensitive to load differences between the two sets of impellers. The FMG DUAL meter uses a significantly stronger spline and spline shaft to connect the two pairs of impellers.

Two Phase Shifted Pairs of Impellers

FMG Gas Meters FMR Dual series are NMIM certified by SIRIM and also certified by NMI International.

FMG Gas Meters are NMIM certified by SIRIM

NMI International