Fiorentini - Coalescer filters

PIETRO FIORENTINI is involved in the engineering, design and manufacturing of Oil&Gas Industry Equipment and Packages for the filtration and separation. We have the capability to design and supply: Fiorentini_coalescence_filter

• quick opening closure
• gas/liquid separators (vane or demister type)
• gas filter and filter separator
• process liquid filters, coalescers
• slug catchers / K.O. drums
• test and production separators
Normally all are skid mounted packages to facilitate the shipment and erection on site. 

The filter separator is used to remove the solid and liquid particles in gas, suitable for all gases and other non-corrosive gases. 

The Function:-

-- Design specification: ASME VIII DIVI
-- Vertical/across/angle
-- High efficiency
-- low pressure drop
-- Easy maintenance


The surface tension, that forces droplets and bubbles to assume and to maintain a spherical shape, also hinders their coalescence (union of two droplets into a bigger one). The smaller droplets have more difficulty to coalesce. The decanted droplets will not be integrated into the continuous phase if they do not coalesce. The presence of certain chemicals delay the coalescence and may form stable emulsions.

Coalescence can be accelerated by the presence of extended surfaces (better if wettable by the dispersed phase), by high temperature, by the presence of a strong pulsating electrostatic field, by the addition of surfactant chemicals. Gas bubbles rise to the surface of the liquid. When they reach the surface, the liquid film that envelops them depletes and, when too thin, explodes as a fine spray of liquid droplets into the gas phase.

It only takes a few seconds to deplete and to break the film. With viscous fluids and in presence of certain chemicals this time becomes much longer and gas bubbles may accumulate over the oil surface forming a light but thick surface foam that can be lifted and re-entrained by the gas stream.