Elgas - Elcor - Electronic Volume Converter

Elcor - Electronic Volume ConverterThe new ELCOR gas volume corrector presents a powerful solution for commercial gas measurement purposes.

The ELCOR is the device designed to convert the volume of gas measured under operating conditions to volume under base conditions.

The gas flow rate information is sensed by the gas meter pulse outputs or encoder data output. Gas temperature and gas pressure are measured by integrated transmitters. The degree of gas compressibility is calculated by the device according to conventional methods or a fixed value can be applied.

The device's design with respect for future extensibility enables the customer an easy extension of the functions, which in the case of ELCOR model means the possibility of modem installation or replacing an existing modem with a newer one in the future.

The basic features of the ELCOR are the integrated RS232 / RS485 serial interface, allowing connection to the data collecting / SCADA system, 3 digital inputs (low frequency or binary), 2 digital outputs and the option to connect the NAMUR or SCR + encoder interface. A maximum of 1 pressure transducer and 1 temperature transducer can be connected.

The extended measuring ranges of the pressure transducers make it easier for the customer to order a corrector.

The ELCOR is also available in a version capable of measuring and operating in temperatures from -40 °C.

All communication interfaces are mutually independent.

The ELCOR includes a data logger as an integral part of the device with a large 16MB memory, allowing to store measured data at hourly intervals for more than 10 years.

The housing was designed to operate in harsh outdoor environments with certified IP66 protection class.

The ELCOR corrector has been designed for measuring spots where only battery power is required, so an external power supply option is not available. If it is necessary to use a corrector with external power supply (e.g. very frequent communication with the device), it is recommended to install a more advanced ELCORplus model.

Basic features

- Single-channel gas volume corrector
- Modular design
- High accuracy and stability of measurement
- The battery life of up to 11 years for a corrector and 11 years for a modem (HB-03D battery) under defined conditions
- 1x digital pressure transducer EDT96, 1x digital temperature transducer EDT101 with extended measuring ranges
- Pressure measuring range up to 130 bar
- High memory capacity for storing of measured values
- Version for operating in temperatures from -40 °C
- Two variants of LCD display - graphical display (allowing full interaction with the device) or segment display (constantly illuminated - non-switched off)
- Robust design with IP 66 protection suitable for outdoor installation
- Fully configurable device via supplied software
- Designed for a potentially explosive environment in Zones 0, 1 and 2
- Metrological approval according to MID: TCM 143 / 18-5562
- ATEX certificate FTZÚ 17 ATEX 0143X


- 3 independent communication interfaces with supported speed up to 115,200 Bd
- Optional integrated modem
- Modems for 2G, 3G, 4G, NB (Narrow Band) networks available
- Support for an external modem connected via serial interface
- IEC 62056-21 optical interface (IEC-1107) with supported speed up to 115,200 Bd
- Integrated RS232 / RS485 serial interface + 1xRS232 (optional module located in internal modem slot)

Inputs / Outputs

- 3 digital inputs (low-frequency pulse or binary)
- 2 digital outputs (low-frequency pulse or binary)
- Up to 2 analog outputs provided via CLO module (4-20mA)
- NAMUR or SCR+ encoder interface (optional)

Optional accessories

- Thermowell, welded piece, mounting kit, three-way valve (DN 3 PN 100 type)
- HIE-04 mod B - optical head, communication speed range 9600 - 115200 Bd (USB 2.0)
- COMPASS service and setup program
- TELVES service and setup program

Internal modules

- NAMUR - interface module for ENCODER - NAMUR
- SCR - interface module for ENCODER - SCR
- M2G - 2G modem, GSM / GPRS (Quad band 850/900/1800/1900MHz)
- M4G - 4G modem, LTE (available in several versions for different world technology including a modem for LTE-cat M1 networks)
- COM0 - RS232 communication module

External modules

- B-RS  - Intrinsically safe barrier module for RS485/RS232 serial communication interface
- B-DO  - Intrinsically safe barrier module for digital outputs
- CLO - 4-20mA current output module