Elektrogas - PSG 901 - Pressure Switch for Gas

The PSG 901 is an adjustable pressure switch for monitoring overpressure of gaseous media.

Elektrogas - PSG 901 - Pressure Switch for Gas


- The pressure switch has a knob for adjusting the switching pressure (Fig. 1) selectable within a predefined range.
- It is suitable for monitoring overpressure of air and non-aggressive gases (families 1-2-3 EN 437). Special versions are available for use with corrosive gases.

- The compact, robust and functional design permits a simple, quick, and essentially maintenance free installation.
- A special filter (20μm) protect the sensing element from dirt and dust which could fail the item.

- All components are designed to withstand mechanical, thermal and chemical stresses present in a typical installation.
- Pressure switches are 100% calibrated.

Technical specifications

- Connection: G ¼ (male)
- Operating and max pressure: See table
- Environmental temperature:-20°C / +85°C

- Diaphragm material: NBR Viton® (special version for aggressive gas)
- Installation: On horizontal and vertical piping
- Gas type: Air and non aggressive gases (fam 1-2-3 EN437)

- Special versions for aggressive gases
- Electrical loads: AgNi contacts  6 (1.5) A 250 VAC
2 A 24 VDC
Gold-plated contacts 100 mA 24 VAC
30 mA 24 VDC

- Electrical connection: Quick-connect terminals 6.3x0.8 (DIN46244) and ISO16  cable gland ISO4400 plug with PG11 cable gland

- Materials in contact with media:
PE UHMW (filter)
Plated steel
Nitrile rubber (NBR)
Stainless steel (aggressive gas version)
FPM (aggressive gas version)

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