Elektrogas - PCS - Position Indicator Switch for Valves and Actuators

The PCS is a mechanically activated switch for monitoring the position of the valve plate. This device can be fitted to the Elektrogas aluminium valves series VMR, VML, VMM, VMH, EVRM-NA, EVRM-6NA, EVRM-NC, EVRM-6NC to check the closed position of the plate.

Elektrogas - PCS - Position Indicator Switch for Valves and Actuators


- PCS is available with working pressure 500mbar or 6bar.
- An adapting rod is necessary to fit the switch to an Elektrogas valve or actuator. The switch is supplied with the rod already mounted, to make installation easier.

- The switch can be rotated on 360° on rod axis.
- Electrical connection with ISO4400 plug.
- It is suitable for air and non-aggressive gases (families 1-2-3 EN437). Special versions are available for use with aggressive gases.

- The compact, robust and functional design permits a simple and quick installation, and it is essentially maintenance free.
- All components are designed to withstand mechanical, thermal and chemical stresses present in a typical installation.

- The device can be provided in Ex-proof execution, for use in Zones 2 and 22, according to 2014/34/UE Directive (ATEX).
- Switches are 100% tested for seal and functioning.

Technical Specifications

- Connection: G1/8 (ISO 228-1)
- Max operating pressure: 500 mbar or 6 bar
- Max testing pressure: 0.75 bar or 9 bar

- Environmental temperature: -15°C / +60°C
- Installation: See valve instruction sheet for the correct position

- Gas type: Air and non aggressive gases (fam. 1-2-3 EN 437)
Special versions for aggressive gases

- Switching capacity (standard silver contact): Resistive Load Inductive Load/ Lamp
250VAC 2A 250VAC 0.3A
120VAC 3A 120VAC 0.5A
30VDC 3A 30VDC 1A

- Electrical connection: ISO 4400 plug with PG11 cable gland
- Enclosure: IP54 (EN 60529) (optional IP65)
- Weight: 0,20 Kg
0,30 Kg (Ex-proof version)

- Materials in contact with media:
Stainless steel

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