Elektrogas - MZ - Servomotor for Gas Control Valves

MZ servomotor is designed to operate VF, VFT, VFH and LMV valves for gas and air flow in combustion processes, with positioning by means of switching cams (MZ2, MZ3) or electronic control (MZ5).

Elektrogas - MZ - Servomotor for Gas Control Valves


- Electrical motor with multi-stage spur gearbox inside a metal housing.
- Provided with switching cams with adjusting screw.
- Its rugged and functional design allows a fast and easy installation.
- Available in Ex-proof version, for use in Zones 2 and 22, according to 2014/34/EU Directive (ATEX).

Additional features for MZ5 series

- High positioning precision performed by a 16-bit microcontroller.
- Status LEDs and position indicator of the motor visible externally.
- Two push-buttons for manual adjustment of the position.
- Two push-buttons to save min./max. positions.

- Analogue input and output signals for electronic positioning.
- The same unit is suitable for 230V, 110V or 24V.
- Adjustable opening time from 7s up to 60s.

Product DATASHEET - MZ - Servomotor for Gas Gontrol Valves EE157

Technical Specifications

- Servomotor type MZ2: 2-point control by means of switching cams
MZ3: 3-point control by means of switching cams
MZ5: continuous adjustment of position by analogue signals
- Overall dimensions: See fig. 4
- Weight: 2 Kg

- Rotation angle: 0 / 90°
- Position repeatability(MZ5): ±0,25°
- Ambient temperature: -15°C / +60°C

- Voltage rating: 230VAC 50/60Hz
110VAC 50/60Hz

- Voltage tolerance: -15% / +10%
- Power consumption: 6 VA max
- Protection class: Class I (EN 60335-1)
- Enclosure: IP65 (EN 60529)
- Cable gland: M20x1,5 for cable O.D. 7 / 12 mm (EN 62444)

- Wires cross-section: 2,5 mm2 max
- Max Torque MZ2, MZ3: 3 Nm (holding torque 3 Nm)
MZ210, MZ310: 10 Nm (holding torque 5 Nm)
MZ5: 5 Nm (holding torque 5 Nm)
MZ510: 10 Nm (holding torque 5 Nm)

- Operating time(0 - 90°:
MZ2-3: 15s, 30s, 60s, 120s (fixed)
MZ5: from 7s up to 60s (adjustable)

- Position switches electrical rating: Voltage 250VAC
Resist. Load 2A
Lamp. Load 0,3A
Induct. Load 0,3A

- Potentiometer (MZ2-3)(optional:
1KW ±20% (±2% linearity)
18V max, 0,5W max, Iw≤ 1μA