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1961 – Elettromeccanica DELTA s.p.a. was founded in Arcade (TV) with the aim of designing and manufacturing oil burners with mechanical atomization.

1969 – Elettromeccanica DELTA becomes manufacturer of gear pumps for fuel oil in cooperation with Fuelmaster Mfg Co. (NL). Deltapumps brand is established and in short time is able to get a remarkable market share on national and export market.

1981 – Elettromeccanica DELTA gives birth to Elektrogas brand and enters the sector of gas a

ppliances with a wide and complete range of solenoid valves for safety and control in combustion processes.

1996 – Elettromeccanica DELTA achieves the CE certification for Deltapumps and Elektrogas ranges and achieves UNI EN ISO 9001 certification regarding quality management.

Today – Elettromeccanica DELTA and its brand Deltapumps and Elektrogas are leading manufacturers of gear oil pumps and safety control valves, exported in more than 60 countries in the world.


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