Elektrogas - CFK - Burner Control System

CFK device is designed to control gas burners in accordance with norm EN 746-2, for intermittent or continuous operation. Different versions are available and many parameters are configurable to have the best solution for every plant.

Elektrogas - CFK - Burner Control System


- Available in BASIC or FULL version.
- Flame detection via either UV cell or ionization rod, even shared with ignition.
- Possibility to use either electronic or winding transformers.

- Burner status is visualized via a 7-segment display and led-bar.
- Parameter setting via PC and USB device.
- Provided with advanced self-diagnostic to assure a safe operation.

- Voltage supplied to loads equal to voltage supplied to the device.
- Housing available in polymeric material or die-casted aluminium.
- Supervision of the burner can be implemented by traditional electrical wiring, or through built-in communication line.
- Designed and manufactured according to EN 298.

Technical specifications

-Voltage: 230 – 115 VAC 50/60 Hz (-15/+10%)
-Process inputs: 230 – 115 – 48 – 24 VAC (max. 3 mA)
-Power absorption: 6 VA

-Enclosure: IP64
-Fuse (replaceable):3 A fast 5x20
-Available load for Output: 250 VAC, 2 A cosϕ=0,7

-Detector line length: 30 m max. (2 m in case of single rod)
-Detector voltage: 250 VAC
-Detector insulation: > 50 MΩ

-Working temperature: -20°C / +60°C
-Flame detection: Ionization rod or UV cell
-Overall Dimension: 200 x 120 x 71 mm
-Weight: 850 gr (plastic case)
 1200 gr (aluminium case)

Product DATASHEET - CFK - Burner Control System


-The device is fully configurable with PC or free software Qtool or Q-beam USB device for infrared communication between PC and CFK.

-Some parameters are password protected, so that they can be modified by authorized users only.

-By means of smartphone app and Q-beam USB is possible to read all the parameters and to set some of them.