All You Need to Know About Globe Valves 


Globe Valve can start, stop, and regulate the flow of gas or liquid. It has 2 ports for inlet and outlet, however it is not bi-directional. It works by rotate the wheel with 360 degrees turns. Besides, it has greater pressure drop compared to other valves as it has two or more righ-angle turns structure in the valve body. The flowrate of liquid or gas pass through globe valve can be adjust by control the distance of the plug from the seat. It has slow opening and closing speed which can prevent water hammer effect. Water hammer effect is a phenomenon occurs when the valve close quickly and the flowing water inside the pipe hits the closed valve abruptly. This results in extremely high pressures in pipes and cause the water flowing backwards. Pipe bursts and joint leaks can happen when the pressures in the pipe is too high.

Types of Globe Valves 

A) Body Type

Z Type/ Tee Pattern

Y Type/ Wye Pattern 

Angle Type 


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Ang Type 

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-Use for regulating purposes where pressure drop is not that important.

-Use for high pressure applications where pressure drop is not desired

-Use for applications such as directing the vertical flow to horizontal flow or vice versa.


B) Disc Type

Disc Type


Ball Disc/ Conventional Disc 


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  • Ball disc is the most common type of disc uses in globe valve.
  • This disc type has less conical shape than plug type disc.
  • It is primarily used for on/off application with regulating ability.
  • Suitable for low pressure and low temperature conditions. 

Composition Disc 


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  • In composition disc, strong non-metallic insert ring is added on the disc to provide tighter sealing.
  • The non-metallic insert ring also helps to protect the solid surface in the valve body when closing.
  • Suitable for high temperature water and steam systems.

Plug Type Disc 


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  • Plug Type Disc can be designed based on different applications, it is normally in long conical shape.
  • This disc type is the most conical shaped disc among the other types of disc.
  • Hence, it has better regulating strength than the other disc types. 


Working Principle 


Fully Open and Closed for Z Type Globe Valve 

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When we rotate the built-in wheel on top of globe valve, the plug disc of the valve is raised from the seat. When we want to close the globe valve, we rotate the wheel in another direction, then the plug disc is slowly brought down and filled the space of the seat completely. Moreover, the distance from the plug disc to the seat is the key to regulate the flowrate by using globe valve. The shorter the distance between the plug disc and the seat in the globe valve, the lower the flowrate of liquids or gases pass through the valve. 


Depends on the designs, materials used and the dimension of the globe valves, they can be implemented in industries that require flowrate control for liquid or gas services. The following are some typical applications for globe valves:

  • Cooling water systems
  • Chemical feed in factory or chemical plants
  • Main steam vents and heater drains
  • Clean fluids and gases that required precise flowrate in oil and gas industry


- Globe valves perform tight sealing when fully closed.

- They can control precise flowrate.

- They help to prevent water hammer effect.

-Easy replacement for plug disc and seat.


- Globe valves are not bi-directional.

-They also cannot operate quickly.

- Globe valves have higher pressure drop.

 -They may require maintenance over the time.

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