About ACADS Engineering

ACADS ENGINEERING (M) Sdn Bhd was registered in 2018, which previously named as ACADS ENGINEERING.

Our company is mainly in the business of Gas equipment supply, providing complete solution for OIL & GAS industry. We actively work together with our clients to provide the best solution to the market.

The market segments we cover are:

We supply the domestic market with low pressure regulators. We also offer pigtail sets which include pigtails, couplings and back check valves. ACADS also provides regulator fittings in different capacities to suit various needs and requirements. ACADS Logo


We supply gas detectors and regulators for commercial locations such as hotels, restaurants and shopping malls. We also provide gas valves for commercial use as well as flexible hoses and tank fittings

Industrial - LPG 
For the LPG Industry, ACADS supplies LPG bulk tank fittings which include floating ball valves, trunnion ball valves and gas globe valves. Aside from fittings and accessories, we also supply our customers with LPG vaporizers, vapor & liquid auto change as well as telemetry systems.

Industrial - Gas Trains 
We offer all the core equipment necessary for gas trains. These products include valves, gas filters and meters. We also provide burner control systems as well as pressure gauges, pressure switches, and pressure regulators.

Industrial - Regulating Metering Station (RMS)
We supply regulating metering stations (RMS) with regulators, valves, gas meters and EVC. We also provide flow computers as well as gauges, relief valves and filters

Industrial - LNG 
For the LNG industry, we supply telemetry systems. ACADS also offers LNG tanks such as LNG trailer tanks, LNG vertical tanks and LNG ISO tanks. We also provide LNG Micro Bulk for small consumptions as well as automated LNG solutions.

Oil & Gas – Onshore and Offshore 
We offer various types of oil and gas valves, gas regulators and axial valves. 

We are actively engaging local & foreign manufacturers in order to provide the complete solution to clients in Malaysia & ASEAN area.

If you wish to know more about our products or producers, visit our Youtube channel.

Product Types:

- Gas Regulators

- Gas Valves

- Gas Safety Valves

- Magnetizer 

- Innovative Products

- Utility Valves

- Gas Filters

- Bulk Tank Fittings

- Gas Meters

- Gas Train

- Telemetry System

- LPG Accessories

- Gas Safety System